Our Story

Her story:

I met Benito in high school through my sister, Courtney.  He was in her class and we probably said all of 20 words to each other the 2 years we were both there.  Nevertheless, my earliest memory of Benito is probably one of the most potent and hilarious.  Our school had the tradition, as many probably do, of Senior Prank Day.  And it just so happened that on our prank day, a sophomore I knew as my sister’s friend, Benito, decided that our pranks were a bit too benign for his tastes.  At the time I knew very little about this guy and nothing about his mischievous plans, and came strolling through the auditorium lobby only to find Benito and his best friend, Desha, hanging an enormous, neon-pink, “adult novelty” from the ceiling.  Did I mention that we attended a Catholic high school?  Needless to say, I was immediately intrigued with this hilarious little Mexican kid, but didn’t get to know him better until just a few years ago through the help of (what else?) Myspace.  Internet flirting turned into long hours on the phone, a long distance relationship, and ultimately resulted in Benito becoming a Houstonian.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

His story:

While traveling through India on a quest to achieve enlightenment, a blind Seeker grabbed my arm in passing and said, “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle.” Immediately put off by this interruption of my quest I tossed him a few coins and tried to leave so as not to catch a disease.

I pressed on. My travels taking me to Asia where I saved a 6 year old boy from a reticulated python. Then to Africa where I invented a renewable water treatment source using local plant life and stolen Russian schematics. Finally, I ending up in Rio, accidentally working as an informant for the CIA after losing a bet to a Saudi Sheik. Our score is not settled.

Once I returned home, a girl who I later discovered to be Noelle, kept trying to contact me via my rarely used MySpace account. “Probably some spam profile” I incorrectly assessed. Once we started talking, she was as intoxicating as Te House of Tea Iced Chai… yet being a wild, untameable free spirit, I would not be restrained by her coy attempts at flirting, NO! Yet her beauty, charm, wit and sarcasm were irresistible and I was tortured with her advances until I could bear it no longer; I proposed.

Her account of our story is filled with disinformation.