Q: Noelle, why are you marrying Benito?

 A: Let’s just say that there are literally thousands of other men that I should be with instead, but I am 72% sure

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that I love him.

Q: Why is your wedding Halloween themed?  That’s kinda weird…

A:  Several reasons, actually:  1) we love Halloween 2) we like costumes 3) you didn’t really expect us to have a normal wedding, did you?

Q: Do I have to wear a costume?  It’s not really my thing.

A:  YES!  Besides being a wedding, this is a Halloween costume party.  Not wearing a costume is NOT an option.  [This question is mainly inspired by and directed at the bride’s father]

Q: The invitation says the bride and groom have costume themes.  What does that mean?

A: Because we’re not having a traditional ceremony with bridesmaids and groomsmen we decided it would be fun to each choose a theme for our guests.  So family and friends on the bride’s side will pick their costumes based on Fairy Tale and Nursery Rhyme characters, and those on the groom’s side will model their costumes after Great Figures in History.  Visit the Costumes section for more info, ideas and resources.

Q: Uh Oh. I’m friends with both the bride AND groom, which costume theme should I go with?

A: Although you may be friends with us both, you probably met and befriended one of us before being introduced to the other. So for the purpose of having a similar number of fairy tale and historical costumes, we ask that you consider yourself a guest of the person you met first.

Q: Do I have to wear normal clothes to the ceremony and then change into my costume for the reception?

A: No.  Please arrive in costume.  The ceremony will be short and at the same location as the reception, so as soon as we say “I do” the partying will begin!

Q: Will there be a costume contest?

A: YES, and prizes!  Visit the Costume Themes page

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for more info on the categories.

Q: Where are the ceremony and reception taking place?

A: Both the ceremony AND reception will take place in the Grapevine room at the fabulous Hotel ZaZa

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, located in Houston’s Museum District.

Q: WHEN is the wedding taking place?

A: Saturday, October 30. We havent nailed down an exact time yet but all forcasts point to 7:00 p.m. or so. Check back frequently. The invitations (when they go out) will also have the time on them.

Q: I’m an out-of-town guest.  Where can I stay?

A:  We will have rooms blocked at Hotel ZaZa

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and probably another nearby hotel.  Because the wedding is at ZaZa, it will probably be the easiest option for our out of town guests as far as transportation goes.

Q: I’m an in-town guest.  What will parking be like?

A:  The hotel charges $12 per car for valet parking.  However you could always try to park on the street or carpool to save money.

Q: I don’t dress up unless my midriff/cleavage/ass is hanging out.  Will it be a problem if I come as Little Bo Peep-Show?

A: As no one invited to the wedding is over 70 or under 14, we’re pretty sure you won’t be offending anyone should you choose to attend in ta-ta tassels and go-go boots.  Although we’re getting married, this is a Halloween party at heart, so we want everyone to have fun with dressing up.  So let those creative juices flow!

Q: Are there any pre-wedding events (a.k.a. bachelor/bachelorette parties) that I should keep in mind when booking my ticket?

A: We’ve decided to forgo the bachelor/bachelorette parties in favor of a big cookout the day before the wedding.  It’ll be in Hermann Park (which is in walking distance from Hotel ZaZa) on Friday, Oct 29 starting around 2 pm and ending around 9 or 10 pm.  Everyone is invited and can show up whenever they want.  We’ll send out an evite with more details later.

Q: Are children welcome at the wedding?

A: Despite the Halloween theme, costume attire, and presence of candy this is an ADULTS ONLY event.  However, your children and pets are more than welcome at the Pre-Wedding Cookout on Friday, Oct 29 at Hermann Park.